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No matter what breed big of small we should all improve the breed when breeding horses.

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We have information for sales, events, and everything in between needed for your horse.

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Sell your Horses

Do you need help selling your horse and not have time to promote it in local Facebook Groups to sell? We offer a service to do that for you. This drives potential interested people to you.


Welcome to Find My Horses . . . 

Find My Horses is a website designed to help Horse Owners to find Horse Businesses that they need.

Our goal also to be a source of information for breed registries, local saddle clubs or breed clubs, rescues, tack, places to ride, etc.  We want to be the go-to place for anything horses.

Find My Horses is always adding pages and articles to our website that are useful to the horse owner.  If you find helpful information, you are more than welcome to submit it to us for consideration for publication.

Do you have a horse-related business or service?

Find My Horses is looking for horse related businesses to advertise on our website.  List your horse related business so horse owners can find you.

Such as:


As this is a new site, please check back often as information will often be updated with new businesses for you, the horse owner, to sort through.

Find My Horses has already increased sales for the businesses that have advertised with us.  Also, we have helped to sell many of the horses listed with us within 30 to 60 days. (some sales have taken longer)


The USA -
EMAIL: DaNel@FindMyHorses.com
1 615 355 5533


Find My Horses

Disaster Help

Emergency Situations can happen anytime due to a Natural Disaster like a tornado, fire, earthquake, hurricane, or flood. Find My Horses has created a go to page to help you find help if you are in need of help.

Trail Riding

Do you like to Trail Ride? Find My Horses is compiling a list of places to go Trail riding at. Some places you take your own horse and some you can rent horses.


Find Horse Events, Clinics, Show, and meetings near you.


Everyone needs farriers, vets, hay, tack & equipment along with other services. Check out all the services local to your area.


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