About Find My Horses


About Find My Horses

After much thought about what people talk about on chat boards, Facebook Groups, and other clubs, groups, and places on the internet.  I've thought that people need a place to find the information that they are looking for.   I have created a place for you to come and find all the horse information that you need all in one place.

This site will be ever growing.  I will be working on finding farriers, vets, places to purchase hay, supplies and all your horse needs all across the United States.  Find My Horses will gladly take suggestions on topics and categories to add. Feel free to contact us with them at any time.


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The Vision

About Find My Horses

My Vision is to be the first place people go to and look for items needed for their horses. I will have the best prices on the internet for advertising your horse business or horse for sale.  Each listing will be worded for Google search engines.  Many of the listings on Find My Horses already rank on page 1 of Google.

This website will be the place to look for items for sale.  Or to list the items that you want to sell.

I  want this website to be a household name in the horse world and the first place to go and look for information.



About Find My Horses

Do you need a place to look for good used tack?  Do you want a place to sell your good used tack?  Find My Horses is looking for people to sell both new and used horse tack. If you use an item for horses, we want to have it here for you to have an easy time finding it.




About Find My Horses

Go to the event calendar to find shows, clinics, and other events going on around you.  If you know of an event it is free to list so please tell me so I can add it to the calendar.

We have the information for you to find a great horse vet, a great farrier, and place to buy hay and grain near you.


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Disaster Help

Emergency Situations can happen anytime due to a Natural Disaster like a tornado, fire, earthquake, hurricane, or flood. Find My Horses has created a go to page to help you find help if you are in need of help.

Trail Riding

Do you like to Trail Ride? Find My Horses is compiling a list of places to go Trail riding at. Some places you take your own horse and some you can rent horses.


Find Horse Events, Clinics, Show, and meetings near you.


Everyone needs farriers, vets, hay, tack & equipment along with other services. Check out all the services local to your area.

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