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Find My Horses: Listing Fees

Find My Horses has low listing fee’s because we want everyone to be able to afford our services.  We at Find My Horses want to be able for the new Farrier just out of School to be able to afford us so we can bring them, new clients.  In addition, we want to be there and bring new clients to the businesses that have been in business a while that want clients from a new target area.

Listing Fees:

  • $25.00 for the first category
  • $5.00 for each additional category
  • $5.00 for changes after the initial 7 days
  • $15.00 for an event listing with one month of Facebook Promotions to drive clients to your event.
  • $10.00 per month to have your listing promoted on many Facebook Groups
    • Pay in full for 12 months and only pay $80
    • Pay in full for 6 months and only pay $50

Your state will always be considered a FREE category.

All listings are good for 12 full months.

The listing must be the same for additional categories.  If the ad is different it will be considered a new ad.

List your Horse Business

List your Horse for Sale

How Listings Work

When you list with Find My Horses your listing will go onto our website, onto our Facebook Page, onto our Twitter, onto our Google + page, and our other Business network sites (LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Path).  Your ad will be placed into 1 to 5 different Facebook Groups and will be bumped monthly on our Facebook Page and in the groups that your ad is placed in.

If you choose Facebook Promotions your ad will be placed on 6 or more different Facebook Groups appropriate to your ad and bumped weekly.  At this time only Business listings can have weekly Facebook Promotions.

Due to Facebook removing ads that are sales of animals from many of the Groups that were designed for animals sales we can no longer Facebook Promote Animals.  For Horses for Sale, I promote your horse by going into groups and sending people to your listing here on Find My Horses by sharing the link that goes directly to your horse.  This is done on a monthly basis.

Listing Specials


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Happy Anniversary.  June Special

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June Special
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August Special
September Special
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