All About Black Horses

Find My Horses Presents: All About Black Horses

black - Amy Toliver

Photo permission from Amy Toliver

Let's learn all about black horses.  Black is a relatively rare coat color.  Black horses can be mistaken for dark chestnuts and some dark bay horses.  Some say that real black horses do not have any white markings at all.  Most black horses have brown eyes.  Some black horses will have blue eyes depending on modifying genes that affect the genetics of the horse.

A black horse's DNA test will be marked with (AA or Ae).   A horse with AA will only produce black foals.  A horse with Ae has a 50% chance of having a black based foal and 50% chance of having a red based or Chestnut foal.

When black horses have been out in the sunshine for extended periods of time they may become "sunbleached" and lose some of the black colors in their coat.  They may at that time look bay or brown color.  Black horses that do not fade are considered "true black" "non-fading" or "sheer" blacks.

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