All Better Equine Massage Therapy

Find My Horses Presents: All Better Equine Massage Therapy

All Better Equine Massage Therapy

At All Better Equine Massage Therapy I offer more than equine massage therapy.  I was certified in equine massage therapy through MNHA, the AMASSAGE Method.  Then, I continued my education and became certified in Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR), Equine CranioSacral Therapy (ECS), and Red Light Therapy (RLT).

As most people know, massage increases circulation and improves muscle tone and range of motion.

  • MFR uses steady pressure to relieve tension in connective tissue that can cause restrictions in body alignment.
  • ECS uses light touch to specific parts of the body to alleviate restrictions and pain.
  • RLT uses a certain frequency of infrared light that penetrates tissues to decrease pain and inflammation and increase Lymphatic flow and blood circulation, among other things.
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All Better Equine Massage Therapy is based out of Central Kentucky

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