Articles about Horses

Find My Horses Presents: Articles about Horses

Articles about Horses

Find My Horses also has Articles about Horses and helpful horse information.  Get information, facts, and useful information to help you with your horse.

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Buying and Selling Horses

Here are some articles to read when you are buying or selling horses.  Please use these as guidelines and suggestions when looking at a horse to buy or trying to sell a horse that you own.

New Facebook Policy of No Animal Sales

Compare Listing Fees to Sell Horses & Services

Horse Sellers' Disclosure Obligation

Legal Forms for Horse Owners and Businesses

NetPosse Stolen Horse International, Inc.

Why should you do a Pre Purchase Exam

Vet Student Steals Horses


Colors and Color Patterns

Coat Color Pattern Descriptions - Learn about the different color patterns of spotted horses that are not appaloosas.

Solid Coat Colors for Horses - Learn about the solid coat colors for horses.

  • All About Black Horses - Black horses can be mistaken for dark chestnuts and some dark bay horses.
  • Beautiful Bay Horses - Bay horses are bay due to the Agouti Gene with the black base coat of a horse.
  • Learn about the Golden Palomino - The Palomino is a red based horse with one copy of the cream gene.  The creme gene dilutes or fades the red base coat of the Chestnut horse to a light golden yellow.
  • The Different Shades of Chestnut - A chestnut horse is a red based horse without any black.  Their mane and tails are either the same shade or lighter than their body coat.
  • What is a Smokey Black Horse A Smokey Black horse is a black based horse with one copy of the cream gene. 

Curly Horses

Hypoallergenic Horses - Learn about the coat of a Curly horse.

Dental Care

How Important is Equine Dental Care


Do you have a mare in foal?  Do you want to know what to look for when it is time for her to give birth?

Mare Foaling Prediction

Horse Trailer News

The American Horse Council has met with the DOT

How to Back a Horse Trailer

Sell Horse Products on Find My Horses

Sell Horse Products Online


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