Beautiful Buckskin Horses

The different shades of beautiful buckskin horses can be seen here.  Buckskin horses read as (EE or Ee) and (AA or Aa) and (n CR) on DNA test results. Buckskin horses can come in many shades, and I want to thank everyone that has sent in photos to be on this page.


The Beautiful Buckskin Horses

Photo provided by Michelle Klatt


The buckskin is a bay horse with one copy of the cream gene.  The creme gene dilutes or fades the red base coat of the bay horse to a lighter yellow or cream color.  The Agouti gene keeps the black points on the mane, tail, lower legs, and ears.


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Do you have a Beautiful Buckskin horse that you would like to add to this gallery?  Please send the photo with a note to us at, and we will add the photo to this page.

References: Animal Genetics and Wikipedia


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