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Welsh Pony Breeder

Find My Horses is looking to promote Welsh Pony Breeders all across the United States.

Welsh ponies are excellent mounts for young children, teens, and adults. They are unique driving ponies, used in the show ring, cross country, CDE events, or as a dependable partner for a family to enjoy. Welsh Ponies are outstanding hunter ponies and excel in the dressage ring also.

Choose a Welsh Pony from a breeder that improves the breed instead of a backyard breeder.

The best way to find a horse that meets your needs is to ask people that breed that type of horse.

Whiperwil Farm

Whiperwil Farm is located in west central Wisconsin. We raise and show registered Welsh ponies, having Sec A's, also known as the Welsh Mountain pony, Sec B's, Sec C's and 1/2 Welsh. We have a young home raised Sec B stallion to cross on our mares, and take our Sec A mares to outside stallions.…
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