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Coat Color Pattern Descriptions

Coat Color Pattern Descriptions can be hard to figure out from time to time as a horse may look one color, but the genetics test states that it is another color.   Learn all about Coat Color Pattern Descriptions in horses by reading up on different articles about each color pattern.

Horses colors can be simple and easy to determine by being a single solid color.  Or they can be more involved with face and leg markings.  Find My Horses will be working on different articles with information on various colors along with genetic color information.

Read up on breeds of horses that have to be a specific color.  Learn all about what makes up each color and color pattern.  Learn about the different multi-colored coat patterns and what they are called and how to recognize them.  All articles will have photos for you to look at and learn all about Coat Color Pattern Descriptions.

Beautiful Buckskin Horses

The different shades of beautiful buckskin horses can be seen here.  Buckskin horses read as (EE or Ee) and (AA or Aa) and (n CR) on DNA test results. Buckskin horses can come in many shades, and I want to thank everyone that has sent in photos to be on this page.   [caption id="attachment_7023"…
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What is a Smokey Black Horse

What is a Smokey Black Horse? A Smokey Black horse is a black based horse with one copy of the cream gene.   Smokey Black horses appear to be either a black with a mildly bleached-out coat or a dull dark bay. The DNA test results for a Smokey Black are (EE or Ee) and (n CR).…
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Learn about the Golden Palomino

Let's learn about the golden palomino.  The Palomino is a red based horse with one copy of the cream gene.  The creme gene dilutes or fades the red base coat of the Chestnut horse to a light golden yellow.  Palomino's range in the shade from extremely light to an almost cremello to a deep chocolate…
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Beautiful Bay Horses

There are so many beautiful bay horses with their various shades of red to black.  Bay horses are bay due to the Agouti Gene with the black base coat of a horse.  The Agouti Gene pulls the black to the "Points" of the horse.  (ears, legs, mane, and tail)  The beautiful bay horse is one…
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All About Black Horses

Let's learn all about black horses.  Black is relatively rare coat color.  Black horses can be mistaken for dark chestnuts and some dark bay horses.  Some say that real black horses do not have any white markings at all.  Most black horses have brown eyes.  Some black horses will have blue eyes depending on modifying…
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The Different Shades of Chestnut

The Different Shades of Chestnut can be seen here.  Chestnut horses read as (ee) on DNA test results and are one of the three base coat colors for horses. Chestnut horses can come in many shades, and I want to thank everyone that has sent in photos to be on this page. A chestnut horse…
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Solid Coat Colors for Horses

There are many different solid coat colors for horses.  Each color can have different shades that are lighter or darker.   Most horses have two distinct colors.  Their summer color and their winter color.  Also, some horses are born one color but change colors and change to another color the older they get. DNA testing is…
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Overo Color Pattern

This page will help you Learn about the Overo Color Pattern in horses. Overo (pronounced: oh vair" oh) The head markings on the Overo are usually a blaze or bald face. Overo will usually have four dark legs and the white markings on the body or neck will appear to be framed by the contrasting coat. As a…
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Tobiano Color Pattern Information

This page will help you Learn about the Tobiano Color Pattern in horses. Tobiano (pronounced tow-be-yah-no) Usually, all four legs have white markings below the hocks and knees A dark head with or without facial white (a blaze, strip, star or snip.) Spots are regular with distinct round or oval patterns that extend down and over the…
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Hypoallergenic Horses

[caption id="attachment_2208" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Rent this spot for $25 per month.[/caption] Do you love horses but are allergic to them?  Have you heard about Hypoallergenic Horses?  The Bashkir Curly breed of horse is just for you.  Most people that are allergic to horses can be around the Bashkir Curly horse without any issues or with…
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