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Mare Foaling Prediction

Please Note: The Mare Foaling Prediction signs discussed on this page is intended for use only as a foaling date estimation tool for horses. Each horse and each pregnancy will be different. It is always best to contact your veterinarian for any foaling questions. Please remember that it is an approximate date, and may not be…
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Why should you do a Pre Purchase Exam

Why should you do a Pre Purchase Exam?  You should do one to make sure the horse that you purchase can do the job that you want it to do. When purchasing a horse, there are several things to look at, price, location, bloodlines, disposition, conformation, and or course lameness.  Here are some suggestions of…
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Horse Sellers’ Disclosure Obligation

Find My Horses Presents: Horse Sellers' Disclosure Obligation By Rachel Kosmal McCart Oct 6, 2016 Online equine forums are rich with tales of woe from unhappy horse buyers.  Often, someone will post that horse sales are “buyer beware.” However, this is simply not true—horse sellers have a legal obligation to disclose every fact reasonably likely to…
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