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Hay Supplier in Ellensburg, WA

Find My Horses Presents: Hay Supplier in Ellensburg, WA September 2018 Inventory/Price List: All prices listed do NOT include delivery. 1st Cutting Timothy - Low Premium Horse, some brown blade, a small amount of contamination of other grasses (blue grass, rye grass, canary grass), very soft this year, good horse feed. Test available. Bales Weigh approx.…
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Blankenship Farms

I purchase my non-fescue hay from Blankenship Farms.  Hay comes in 21 bale bundles at various prices depending on the type of hay you purchase.  I have purchased both Bermuda Hay and Alfalfa Mixed Hay.  My horses love the Bermuda hay and I call it cotton candy hay because it is so soft and smells…
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