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Website Services

Find My Horses has website services for horse farms and businesses.  We can create you a website of your own so people can find you.  You can also have an online store attached to the Find My Horses website for you to sell your products on.  We can redesign or update your existing site for a low fee.

Our website services are affordable and fair.  We want the person that is on a budget to be able to afford a beautiful website.  Why not drive traffic to your product or service.

Services Include:

  • Design
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization

Please look into Find My Horses’ services and compare what we offer to other website designers and what they offer.  Be sure to ask us and others questions to determine which person will do the best work for you.   Remember this is your website and it needs to be what you envision.

How to set up PayPal Buttons for Products

Find My Horses Presents: How to set up PayPal Buttons for Products This is a step by step process on how to set up PayPal buttons for Products. STEP 1 Go to Tools then click on All Tools   STEP 2 Go to PayPal Buttons     STEP 3 Choose your Button.  Buy Now and…
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Sell Horse Products Online

Find My Horses Presents: Sell Horse Products Online Do you need a storefront to sell your Sell Horse Products Online?  Are you not sure of how to code products for sale?  Do you want someone else to do it but can't afford the fee? This page is a sample of what your "mini-storefront" will look…
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Website Services

Find My Horses Presents: Website Services Let Find My Horses Website Services create a website for you.  Sites will be built on the WordPress Platform and will be unique to your business needs. WordPress is a very popular and flexible building platform. WordPress is not just a blogging platform; it is a very versatile platform…
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Website Hosting with IPOWER

Find My Horses Presents: Website Hosting with IPOWER   I've been using IPOWER to host many different websites since early 2000 or 2001.  I'm delighted with the customer service that I get when I call IPOWER with an issue or problem. The web hosting packages are affordable and come with many options to suit your…
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Professional Looking Website Templates

Find My Horses Presents: Professional Looking Website Templates Are you looking to update your website?  Do you want something that is professional looking?  Why not purchase your professional looking website templates with TemplateMonster.  The templates from TemplateMonster are easy to use, professional looking and will make your website more professional looking. TemplateMonster has excellent customer service and…
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