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Find My Horses is a directory of all things horses all across the United States and in the state of Alabama.  We want to help everyone to be able to find the horse services that they need no matter where you live.

Find the horse services and horse products near you in Alabama.

We are specializing in the following services:

Boarding Facilities to board your horse at
Clipper Blade Sharpening
Horse Clubs and Riding Clubs for you to ride at
Equine Photographers to take photographs of your horse
Equine Veterinarians to take care of your horses
Farriers are needed on a regular basis
Hay Suppliers of all kinds of hay
Horse Leadership Programs to build your confidence
Horse Trainers to train your horse
Massage Therapists to pamper your horse
Pony Parties for your child’s birthday
Riding Lesson Instructors to teach you to ride better
Rental Horses to go on an occasional trail ride
Used Show Clothing to purchase at a discount
Used Tack to buy at a discount
Summer Horse Camps for your child
Horse Trailers for Sale
Transportation Services to move your horse for you.

Find Horses for sale in Alabama and surrounding areas.

NetPosse Report STOLEN EQUINE Maci Gray & Rebel

NR002459 - STOLEN EQUINE Maci Gray & Rebel, REWARD - AL UPDATE - as of April 2015 - Darlene informed NetPosse that she had information stating both horses had been sold to a Kill Buyer immediately after they were stolen January 30, 2015. Rebel was allegedly put on a truck headed west (he is believed to have been…
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NetPosse Report MISSING EQUINE, Civil – Thor, – AL

NR005475 - MISSING EQUINE, Civil - Thor,  - AL A 25th victim NetPosse™ Missing Horses Alert, Civil NR005451 for “Thor” Date of Incident: July 15, 2017 Last Known Location: Pell City (St. Clair County), AL We sold Thor to ********* ******** on or around the incident date, not sure the exact day. He was supposed to be…
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NetPosse Report – Vet Student takes horses from owners

If you have been following along on Facebook and my other posts of the NetPosse missing horses you will have seen many posts in the past week.  Many of these horses are from one person telling owners what they needed to hear to get the horses that needed to be rehomed due to life changes. …
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NR005437 - MISSING EQUINE, Civil - Ranger,  - AL NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert, Civil NR005437 for “Ranger” Date of Incident: October 20, 2017 Last Known Location: Tallassee (Tallapoosa County), AL A lady lied to me about needing a pasture companion for her barrel horse. She agreed to not rehome him but only to me if she…
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NR005440 - MISSING CIVIL HORSE Pat Bars Gold Freckle aka Blondie,  - AL NetPosse™ Missing Civil Alert for Blondie - Collinsville (Etowah County), AL: Date of Incident: November 12, 2013 Last Known Location: Collinsville, (Etowah County), AL Nov.12 2013 I gave Blondie to ****** ********* as she was going to breed her to her stallion to get cremellos..we had a contract that if…
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NR005439 - MISSING EQUINES, Civil - Cheyenne, Samson, Rocky  - AL NetPosse™ Missing Horses Alert, Civil NR005439 for “Cheyenne”, “Samson”, “Rocky” Date of Incident: October 11, 2015 Last Known Location: Hayden (Blount County), AL I had a heart attack and could no longer care for the horses I adored and loved so much. They were my…
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Equine Education in Alabama

The following colleges offer Equine Education in Alabama.  The range of degrees differs in each school.   B.S. in Equine Science Master of Science (M.S.) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program Equine Business Management (B.S.) Equine Science (Minor) Equine Facilitated Mental Health (B.S.) Doctoral Degree in Veterinary Medicine       Auburn University  Auburn, Alabama offers…
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NetPosse MISSING EQUINE $1100.00 REWARD – Alabama

NR005178 - MISSING EQUINE Doll $1100.00 REWARD  - AL NetPosse™ Missing Presumed Stolen Horse Alert NR005178, Doll – Crane Hill (Cullman County), AL - Taken in North Alabama- Appendix Quarter Horse: Doll is a 28-year-old spirited speckled grey mare. Doll requires special feed because to keep her from losing weight too fast. left back leg was broken…
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Alabama Horse Evacuation Help

Find My Horses is looking for people to provide Alabama Horse Evacuation Help during a disaster in Alabama.  If there was to be some type of catastrophe near you what could you do to help?  Transport horses, let horses stay at your facility, provide feed or hay?  We are looking for people that will do…
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