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Find My Horses is a directory of all things horses all across the United States and in the state of New York.  We want to help everyone to be able to find the horse services that they need no matter where you live.

Find the horse services and horse products near you in New York.

We are specializing in the following services:

Boarding Facilities to board your horse at
Clipper Blade Sharpening
Horse Clubs and Riding Clubs for you to ride at
Equine Photographers to take photographs of your horse
Equine Veterinarians to take care of your horses
Farriers are needed on a regular basis
Hay Suppliers of all kinds of hay
Horse Leadership Programs to build your confidence
Horse Trainers to train your horse
Massage Therapists to pamper your horse
Pony Parties for your child’s birthday
Riding Lesson Instructors to teach you to ride better
Rental Horses to go on an occasional trail ride
Used Show Clothing to purchase at a discount
Used Tack to buy at a discount
Summer Horse Camps for your child
Horse Trailers for Sale
Transportation Services to move your horse for you.

Find Horses for sale in New York and surrounding areas.

Kneading Relief Equine Massage

Find My Horses Presents: Kneading Relief Equine Massage Kneading Relief Equine Massage is now located in Schenectady, NY.  Not only am I certified through Equissage but graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a degree in Equine Sciences. Sessions are priced at $65 per horse, group rates with 3 or more commuted horses are available for $50…
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Equine Education in New York

  The following colleges offer Equine Education in New York.  The range of degrees differs in each school.   B.S. in Animal Science Professional Doctoral degree (DVM) Bachelor of Technology (B.T.) in Animal Science with an Equine Advisement Track Bachelor of Technology (B.T.) with an Equine Business Management Track an A.A.S. in Thoroughbred Management an…
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NetPosse Report Missing Pony – New York

NR005395 - MISSING EQUINE, Civil - It`s Showtime aka "Snickers", REWARD  - NY NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert, Civil NR005395 for ‘Snickers’ aka ‘It’s Showtime’ Last Known Location: Chester (Orange County), NY Snickers was "sold" and was being picked up to go to new home. The driver handed the owner a check from the person who was…
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NR005455 - MISSING CIVIL EQUINE-Skip of Charm "Skip" - NY NetPosse™ Missing Civil Horse Alert for Skip of Charm "Skip" "Skippy" - Locke (Cayuga County), NY: Rescue horse adopted with a contract to Farm in Roxbury, New York. It has been learned that farm sold Skip to a Farm in Locke NY and that farm has now sold Skip to an undisclosed female Canadian buyer.  See pictures,…
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NetPosse Report Missing Miniature Black Stallion REWARD New York

NR005212 - MISSING EQUINE Butchie, $5000.00 REWARD  - NY SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: Please copy and paste to your social media. Do not change the information.  NetPosse™ Missing Presumed Stolen Horse, NR005212 for ‘Butchie’ aka ‘Brady’ - Monroe (Orange County), NY My miniature horse Butchie was stolen between 10 pm on Tuesday night (4/11) and 3…
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NetPosse Report Missing Horse Alert New York Reward

NR002702 - MISSING EQUINE Bo, $1000.00 REWARD  - NY NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for BO - Bronx, NY- 18-year-old Bay/White & Black Paint TOBIANO. BoBo was adopted out to a lady residing in Ozone Park, NY in Sept 2012. The contract stated moving Bo required notification to former owners (the rescue). Surprise visit in Jan 2013 turned…
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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert New York

NetPosse Missing Horse Alert New York NR004880 - MISSING EQUINE Attila, REWARD  - NY NetPosse Missing Horse Alert for Atilla - 17-year-old Grey Arabian Gelding was boarded with a "friend."  This woman needed money and had been made repeated offers by a third party for Attila. She took advantage of the fact that I was…
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