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Find My Horses is a directory of all things horses all across the United States and in the state of Texas.  We want to help everyone to be able to find the horse services that they need no matter where you live.

Find the horse services and horse products near you in Texas.

We are specializing in the following services:

Boarding Facilities to board your horse at
Clipper Blade Sharpening
Horse Clubs and Riding Clubs for you to ride at
Equine Photographers to take photographs of your horse
Equine Veterinarians to take care of your horses
Farriers are needed on a regular basis
Hay Suppliers of all kinds of hay
Horse Leadership Programs to build your confidence
Horse Trainers to train your horse
Massage Therapists to pamper your horse
Pony Parties for your child’s birthday
Riding Lesson Instructors to teach you to ride better
Rental Horses to go on an occasional trail ride
Used Show Clothing to purchase at a discount
Used Tack to buy at a discount
Summer Horse Camps for your child
Horse Trailers for Sale
Transportation Services to move your horse for you.

Find Horses for sale in Texas and surrounding areas.

One Leo Doll aka Dotty

[table td1="Price" td2="Breed" td3="Name"] [td1] $3000 [/td1] [td2] American Quarter Horse [/td2] [td3] One Leo Doll aka Dotty [/td3] [/table] Location: Collinsville, TX 76233 Contact: Telephone # 940-727-1244 Email Preferred Contact Method Call, Text     [gallery columns="4" ids="12197,12198,12199,12200" orderby="rand"]   One Leo Doll aka Dotty Age Five years old Height 15H Color Lineback Dun…
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Equine Education in Texas

The following colleges offer Equine Education in Texas.  The range of degrees differs in each school. Doctoral degree (DVM) B.S. in Animal Science (Equine Emphasis) B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science with an Equine Concentration A.A.S. in Farrier Technology Certificate in Farrier Technology B.S. in Animal Science B.S. in Animal Industries B.S. in Animal Production…
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NetPosse MISSING EQUINES, CIvil Big Girl, Sally, Mocha – TX

NR005432 - MISSING EQUINES, CIvil Big Girl, Sally, Mocha - TX NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert, Civil NR005432 for “Big Girl”, “Mocha” and “Sally” Date of Incident: March 1, 2018 Last Known Location: Burkburnett (Wichita County), TX Please help find my missing horses! They were last seen December 29, 2017, at a Rescue in Burkburnett, TX. It…
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Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society has a mission to improve the lives of equines by educating and helping owners, assisting law enforcement agencies, rehabilitating abused and neglected equines, and placing them into safe, permanent homes. Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society’s primarily acquisition focus is assisting law enforcement.  This includes receiving neglect complaints, investigating neglect complaints, working with…
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NetPosse Report 4 Ponies, 2 Llama, and a mini Donkey (TEXAS)

NR005289 - MISSING EQUINE Sunny, Buttercup, Darlin, Flica, Booger, Cagney, Lacy - TX NetPosse™ Missing Equines, NR005289 for Sunny, Booger, Darlin, Buttercup, Flica, Cagney & Lacy DOI: July 1, 2017: For more details: Missing presumed stolen. Fence was cut. 4 ponies, 2 llama and a mini donkey taken from 1401cr 322 in Rockdale Texas. No questions asked,…
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NR005272 - MISSING PRESUMED STOLEN EQUINE Sabe,  - TX   NetPosse™ MISSING PRESUMED STOLEN HORSE ALERT for “Sabe” aka “BS”, NR005272, July 4, 2017 Sabe was running on 110 acres with 6 other horses. She has disappeared. The owner has searched the property thoroughly as well as neighboring ranches. No sign of Sabe anywhere. Please Help…
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NetPosse Report Missing Horse Texas REWARD

NR005101 - MISSING EQUINE Time to Sweet Touch aka Sweetie, REWARD  - TX NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for "Time To Sweet Touch" Sweetie -Houston (Harris County)TX: Sweetie discovered missing from the barn on the morning of 11/18/16. As soon as I was notified I went to the barn and searched everywhere with no sign of Sweetie. See pictures, full details,…
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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Texas Reward

NR004904 - MISSING EQUINE Drifter, $100.00 REWARD  - TX Stolen Horse International Missing Horse Alert - Humble, TX - Drifter a.k.a. Twilight Sparkle a14 year old Arab cross bay mare. Please click on the link for more information She has washed down Cypress Creek Bayou during the Historic floods. She may be drowned or she escaped…
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NetPosse Stolen Horse Report Texas REWARD

NR003778 - STOLEN EQUINE Bullseye O Toole, REWARD  - TX Stolen Horse International STOLEN HORSE ALERT - Pattison TX - Bullseye O Toole a.k.a Bullseye a 5-year-old Sorrel quarter horse gelding is missing and presumed stolen from his pasture. Please copy and paste to all of your social media pages and SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! Let's find…
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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Texas

NR005020 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Rue, - TX NetPosse SEARCHING FOR HORSE ALERT-  WICHITA FALLS (WICHITA) TX or RED RIVER (TAOS), NM- 4 year old White/Chestnut Quarter Horse - last known to be a colt. He could have been gelded by now. Rue had been sent out for weaning and training and the "friend" moved him to his trail riding…
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