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Find My Horses is a directory of all things horses all across the United States and in the state of Wisconsin.  We want to help everyone to be able to find the horse services that they need no matter where you live.

Find the horse services and horse products near you in Wisconsin.

We are specializing in the following services:

Boarding Facilities to board your horse at
Clipper Blade Sharpening
Horse Clubs and Riding Clubs for you to ride at
Equine Photographers to take photographs of your horse
Equine Veterinarians to take care of your horses
Farriers are needed on a regular basis
Hay Suppliers of all kinds of hay
Horse Leadership Programs to build your confidence
Horse Trainers to train your horse
Massage Therapists to pamper your horse
Pony Parties for your child’s birthday
Riding Lesson Instructors to teach you to ride better
Rental Horses to go on an occasional trail ride
Used Show Clothing to purchase at a discount
Used Tack to buy at a discount
Summer Horse Camps for your child
Horse Trailers for Sale
Transportation Services to move your horse for you.

Find Horses for sale in Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Equine Education in Wisconsin

  The following colleges offer Equine Education in Wisconsin.  The range of degrees differs in each school. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science     The University of Wisconsin-River Falls  River Falls, Wisconsin offers a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science       You may also like: Horses for Sale Service & Product Directory…
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Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation

The Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) is dedicated to providing qualified homes for any horse in need.  It is our goal to make sure that every horse placed in our care is equipped with all the necessary ingredients for a safe and happy life.  We want each horse to be protected from those who would…
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