The Different Shades of Chestnut

Find My Horses Presents: The Different Shades of Chestnut

The Different Shades of Chestnut can be seen here.  Chestnut horses read as (ee) on DNA test results and are one of the three base coat colors for horses. Chestnut horses can come in many shades, and I want to thank everyone that has sent in photos to be on this page.

A chestnut horse is a red based horse without any black.  Their mane and tails are either the same shade or lighter than their body coat.  Chestnuts can be called many different things like Liver Chestnut, Sorrel, Light Chestnut, and Flaxen Chestnut.

A Chestnut horse can carry the Agouti Gene but it will not be seen on the horse as the Agouti Gene only effects a horse that has Black pigments.

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