East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue

East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue (ETMHD) is a small rescue made up of volunteers who want to make a big difference in the lives of small equines. Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To be a safety net for miniature horses, donkeys, and mules that are at risk of being homeless or going to auction.
  2. Educate potential adopters and mini owners of the care and needs of these little equines.
  3. To educate the public about the plight of the unwanted horse.

About 15% of our horses, donkeys, and mules come from local auctions. The rest of the horses are owner surrenders and horses from cruelty or hoarding cases. We also network with other rescues and assist them when they have large mini intakes.

Contact Information

Web address: www.easttennesseeminiaturehorseanddonkeyrescue.com

ETMHD Rescue
6545 Calloway Rd
Loudon, TN 37774


Facebook: MinirescueTN
Contact info: Minirescuetn@gmail.com

How to Help

Become a BIG HERO for little equines

Want to help save more lives? Each year we provide shelter, food, medical care and most of all LOVE to over 100 miniature horses, donkeys, and mules! And we operate without the city, state, or federal funding. How can we do this? Only with help from Big Heroes like you!

Through a monthly sponsorship, you help us provide the vital care these minis need while in the rescue.

What Big Heroes do

When you become a Big Hero by signing up to make monthly donations, you’re providing gifts that can be used by animals in their hours of need. Big Heroes are select members of the ETMHD Rescue Family and, because their contributions are continuous and steady, they help animals all year round.  Be a Big Hero and start your monthly gift today.

  • Helps us maintain funds for other equines that need to be included in the program
  • Assists by offsetting some of the costs to care for unique minis that are in rehabilitation until adopted
  • Cover the costs associated with medical care, individual farrier visits wound care and medical supplies
  • Helps to pay for the transportation costs of getting minis to the vet, to a foster home or a forever home
  • Helps with special dietary needs for minis that are pregnant and have medical issues that require special feeds
  • Ensure medical problems don't cause a significant impact on the financial budget of the rescue

Item needed:

Lead Ropes
Mini and pony sized halters
Corral panels
Mini-sized panels
Fencing supplies and electric rope/tape
Shelters or run in sheds
Purina miniature feed
Riding mower or tractor
Hoof trim stand that a mini can walk up
5-Way vaccine vials
Deworming paste
Mini trailer or 2 horse trailer
Easy entry carts and driving harnesses for training
Monetary donations are always at the top of the list-
We need electric run to our barn
Gift cards to TSC, Co-Op, or fueling stations
Volunteers that can administer shots, wormer, trim hooves, float teeth, train minis


In 2014 we bought a small farm in Loudon TN. The farm had been previously used to house several miniature horses and mules so the barn and run in sheds were already set up for minis. We rescued and rehomed our first two mini mules the first year and the following year adopted three mini horses from a local shelter. We fell madly in love with these small equines and decided there must be more we could do to help those in need.

East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue (ETMHD) was founded in 2016 and has acquired our 501c3 August 2016. ETMHD is comprised of a great group of volunteers who share a special love for minis. We feel educating the public about our rescues' plight is as essential as rescuing them. These small equines are sometimes overlooked, and we strive to put them in the spotlight.

Launched in 2017 the Mini Manes and Tales horse therapy Program. This program allows rescued minis to move directly into the therapy program if they fit the criteria.

Mission: Make significant changes for little equines by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming at risk miniature horses, donkeys, and mules. Our goal is to find safe and forever homes for rescues in our program. To help the public understand the needs and how to care for these special equines. And to help prevent miniature horses and donkeys from going to auction where they are at risk of going to slaughter.


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  1. I was looking for a miniature horse and I heard about adopting miniature horse... looking for small miniature horse good temperament as will be kept in yard and riding and taken about in small transport .. and possible brought to a animal sanctuary in New Jersey if necessary.. would keep in garage with a barn set up and in house if could work out during cold weather but could set up heater safe heater in barn would saddle & bridle for child ... I use to live in Vermont and we had lot of horses but the only miniature horses I ever seen was at Belmont Race Track, in the barn area. you can reply @ 718-347-3092... prefer Palomino, gold or ranging too light tan as I had one but not miniature, pinto but it really depends on what is available, looking at pinto AMHA Blacked white filly 6. hit., 75lb in Pa,, and a Grulla Filly 6.0 hit. 110.lbs. in Pa. Anything, you could tell me about your and the ones I'm look into. Jeannette Matz thank you!

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