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Are you tired of listing your horse for sale on sites that charge you a fee, then in 90 days your ad time is up, and you have to pay again because your horse has not sold?  Are you tired of listing your horse on a site and hoping that people stop by and are looking for your type of horse and sees your listing and contacts you?

Sell your horse differently.  List your horse on Find My Horses for $25 for a full 12 months.  Let Find My Horses promote your horse to potential buyers and drive them to your horses' information page.  Find My Horses has helped to sell horses in as little as 7 days.

Facebook is no longer allowing horses (or any animal) to be placed or advertised for sale in groups and consider this against their terms of service.  What is permitted is to list your horse on an outside Sales site and posting a link to your horse for sale for people to follow on your homepage or in Groups.  Horses may also be listed for sale on Business Pages like the Find My Horses Facebook Page.

How to list a Horse for Sale

  1. Fill out the form to submit your horse's information.
  2. Choose to add a category with all your horses together ($5 per horse extra).
  3. Find My Horses will create a proof for you to look at and approve.
  4. You have seven days to approve your listing and pay for your ad.
  5. You will get a final link provided to you to start promoting your horse.
  6. Once your horse sells, let us know, so we stop promoting your horse and mark it as sold.

Find My Horses will still get potential customers to look at your horse for sale by working within the new rules of Facebook and directing people to your horse.

Check out all the different Listing Fee Options and check out our Monthly Special.

Please read the following article before buying or selling any horses.

Horse Sellers' Disclosure Obligation

Why should you do a Pre Purchase Exam

Horses For Sale

This spot for rent for $25 per month

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Tell us about your horses' temperament and how they get along with other horses. Are they top dog or the bottom of the totem pole? How is your horse with the farrier or vet? Is your horse good with kids or beginner horse people? Have you done any Genetic Testing on your horse? You can also give any other helpful selling information here too. The more information you can give about your horse the better chance you have to sell.

Photos of your horse

Photo size limit of 40mb per photo.

Please feel free to email additional photos or videos of your horse to There is no limit.

List all my horses together in one category with my Farm or Name. An additional $5. YesNo

Do you want your ad promoted on the Facebook Page on a weekly basis instead of a Monthly basis? The cost is $10 per month. $40 for six months. $80 for a full year. This is an optional service.

No1 Month $106 Months $4012 Months $80

IF you do not hear from us within 24 hours about your ad for your horse for sale, please email at

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