Galloping Angels Rescue and Sanctuary

Galloping Angels Rescue & Sanctuary (GARS) is ever in need of support for the various Miniature Horses and Small Equine continually that we are assisting.

Galloping Angels Rescue and Sanctuary
3 Parham Rd
Oroville, CA 95966
(530)353-8396 (text preferred over calls)
Facebook: Galloping Angels Rescue and Sanctuary

If you can not help financially then please consider offering some of the following items that could help Galloping Angels Rescue and Sanctuary help horses in need.  All Donations are Tax Deductible.

·Mats (many)
·Hair trimming clippers and blades
·Hay (alfalfa, meadow grass, orchard grass, teff hay)
·Elk Grove milling Stable Mix
·Horse medical funds
·10x10x6 dog kennels (for specialty feeding)
·Fly masks for minis (or foals)
·Hoof jack for minis
·Dental floats for teeth
·Horse treats
·20 foot livestock trailer
·30 or 40-foot livestock trailer
·A electrical 7 plug bumper pull adapter replacement
·Entry carts for minis (all sizes)
·Driving harnesses for minis (all sizes)
·Gooseneck ball
·Chasteberry for horses
·Ultrasound machine
·Medical tuning forks
·Food containers (tubs, hay racks, etc. So horses don't eat directly off ground)
·Enclosed cargo trailer
·Trailer for hay transport in large quantities
·Run in sheds



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