Georgia Stallion to Gelding Clinic 2016

Find My Horses Presents: Stallion to Gelding Clinic 2016



GERL is gearing up to host the 6th Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day in Georgia, scheduled for November 12, 2016. This is a castration program that allows stallion owners to get their horses gelded for only $50.00!!

For Forms to registers please go to the GERL Website.

We are in need of more equine veterinarians in the Middle and South Georgia area. They must agree to hold a castration clinic in their area for $100 per horse to participate in this event. GERL will pay them $50 for each horse and the owner will pay the other $50. If you live in either of these two areas, would you consider downloading our flyer and talk to your local vet about participating this year? This is an excellent program to help Georgia get on track with resolving our horse problems. We typically castrate around 100 stallion on Castration Day. We have been able to turn over 700 stallions into geldings in the five years that we have been offering our S2G programs! Wow! Who else is doing this for Georgia horse owners? Please share this post on your page!

This post will be updated once a list of Vets participating is known. 

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