Halloween Sale at Equiderma

Find My Horses Presents: Halloween Sale at Equiderma


Halloween Sale at Equiderma! Get 20% off through Oct. 31 with code: SPOOK20

Equiderma has built our brand on the love and care of animals - just like you have for your best friends. Celebrate Halloween early with us and earn commissions with Equiderma's trusted and dependable top quality Organic Grooming and Skin Care Products for all skin conditions for Horses and Dogs

Top Seller!  Save over $30 on top seller and BOGO: Neem & Aloe Natural Horse Spray Gallon

Equiderma features effective Skin Care for Rain Rot, Scratches, Wounds, Insects, Sunburn, Sheath Cleansing, Mane, Tail & Coat Care for Horses, Dogs & All other pets


Consumers get 15% off orders over $150 at Equiderma.com

Since those early days, we have grown tremendously and have become the #1 choice in the equine market for grooming products. Who knew in those early days where the word rescue would take me... My dream for Equiderma has always been to continue our rescue efforts on a larger scale. To help as many horses as I could - we all know what an expensive endeavor that is.

For the past several months we have been giving a large portion of our proceeds to various horse rescues. This month we've chosen to give to Last Chance Corral - Are you familiar with the wonderful rescue work they are doing? Last Chance Corral takes in orphaned nurse mare foals.

Halloween Sale at Equiderma! Get 20% off through Oct. 31 with code: SPOOK20

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