Happy Anniversary Listing Fee (June)

Find My Horses Presents: June Listing Fee

Happy Anniversary to Find My Horses

Find My Horses opened for business June 1st 2016.  We have been here for one full year. 

Find My Horses was designed to be a website for you to go to and "FIND" what you need for your horse.  From Boarding Facilities, to Farriers, and Hay suppliers, to Vet's and tack suppliers across the United States.  So when you are traveling from one place to another or moving from one state to another you can "FIND" the services that you need when you get to where your going.

Find My Horses has had a great first year and we appreciate everyone that has listed with us and given our promotional services a try.  It has been a learning experience with all the Facebook changes and restrictions that have changed the ways Find My Horses has had to promote businesses.

As we have our first year anniversary I would like to offer the same special we had when we opened one year ago.

List your Business or Horse for Sale with Find My Horses in the month of June and get 3 additional months of our promotional services for FREE.

Find My Horses looks forward to helping your business grow and helping you to sell your horses now that animals can not be sold on Facebook.

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