Hat Country New Years Special

Find My Horses Presents: Hat Country New Years Special

10% OFF coupon NEWYEAR10 starts Jan 1st ends March 30th 2019

We are so happy to share promotions for Hatcountry.com.

10% OFF coupon NEWYEAR10 starts Jan 1st ends March 30th, 2019.

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After the Internet boom of the late '90s, Hatcountry made the official move to become an online-only business in 2003, one of the first cowboy hat sale sites in existence.

Hats are head coverings worn by men, women, and children that over history have served many purposes, from describing a person’s social stature to protect against the elements, and, of course, as a fashion statement.

One of the first known paintings of a hat appears in an ancient Thebes tomb where a man is depicted in a coolie straw hat. Other recognizable hats such as skullcaps date back to Greek and Roman times. Women wore veils, hoods, and caps. Men's structured hats quickly followed. Women were wearing similarly structured hats by the late 16th century.
Out of the Italian city of Milan came the term “Milliner” in the 18th century. Traditionally a woman's occupation, milliners created hats with the finest fabrics and trim.

Over the years hats have changed with times, meeting the needs and fashion trends of the period. Today there are an endless variety of hats available from cowboy hats and fedoras to women's sun hats and winter beanies.

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