Hickory Hill Farm Rescue

Hickory Hill Farm Rescue

Hickory Hill Farm is a Registered 501c3 Non-profit that was founded by a small group of people who felt an overwhelming need to give back to their community on several different levels. This group of people all had one thing in common: They all shared an undeniable passion for helping animals as well as people. Over the course of several months and various roundtable meetings, the dream of Hickory Hill Farm was developed to meet the needs of both people and livestock animals, and the founders began turning their dream into a reality.


We are also on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Our handle for all three is @rescueplayheal


PO Box 1454
Mt. Juliet TN  37121

If you use Amazon to shop, you can easily support Hickory Hill Farm!

The following is a list of items needed at all times:

  • Round Pen Panels
  • Tractor Supply Gift Cards
  • Edwards Feed Gift Cards (located in Lebanon, TN)
  • Co-Op Gift Cards
  • Fly Masks (all sizes)
  • Fly Sheets (all Sizes)
  • Winter Blankets (all Sizes)
  • Grazing Muzzles (pony Sized)
  • Salt/Mineral Blocks
  • MSM Supplements
  • Fly Spray
  • Devil's Claw Supplement
  • WonderDust
  • Betadine
  • Tractor

Available Horses listed on Find My Horses

Photos of some of our rescues.


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  1. I seen a pony listed through equinenow I am calling in reguards to him please give me a call 2706350760 his name listed you called him Jessie James
    • Hello. Please contact Hickory Hill Farm Directly. They do not always check this site. Their phone number is 615-470-5747.

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