NetPosse Stolen Horse International Inc

NetPosse Stolen Horse International, Inc

Stolen Horse International, Inc.™, also known as NetPosse, is an extensive network of equine organizations. Volunteers and horse owners join together to educate the horse industry about the problem of missing and stolen horses, disaster situations and much more. Information is provided to horse owners and organizations regarding long-term responsibilities for equine protection.

Stolen Horse International, Inc., was founded by Harold and Debi Metcalfe, back in 1997 when their horse Idaho was taken from them.  The alert was the first of its kind on the internet. With the help of Internet alerts, they did bring home their horse Idaho 51 weeks after she was stolen.   In March 2003 Stolen Horse International was registered as a 501c3 public charity.  With all the growth Stolen Horse International, Inc, now helps with lost, found, missing or stolen horses all across the United States.

What do I do if my horse is lost or stolen?

The NetPosse Stolen Horse International Inc network can round up a modern-day version of a posse moments after a report is filled out on An alert and call to action will go out to a network of organizations, individuals, businesses, law enforcement and recovery specialists bent on returning a missing horse.

Find My Horses has been forwarding many NetPosse Missing or Stolen Horse Reports since opening in April of 2016.  We believe that by sending these missing or stolen horse reports, we help do our part in helping a horse to be located by someone.  We check the status of each horse on a monthly basis and publish any updates on our Facebook Page.

How Can You Help?

NetPosse Stolen Horse International Inc. can use your help in many ways.  Help by forwarding alerts, looking for missing horses, donations, fundraising, and by volunteering your time.

Contact Info.

PO Box 1341,
Shelby NC 28151

Phone: 704-484-2165

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Want to learn more?

Debi Metcalf is a speaker, consultant, and a clinician on the topic of horse theft, equine identification, equine disasters, farm and barn security and civil matters just to name a few.

If you would like to hire her to speak at an event, just contact her and discuss the time and date and see if she is available.


Help Find These Horses

For a full list of missing horses that need to be located, please check out the NetPosse website.  NetPosse Stolen Horse International Inc. has been in business longer than we have, Find My Horses does not have all of the missing horses listed on this page.

NetPosse Report Missing Horse and Goats – Tennessee

NR005481 - Missing Equines, Civil - Stormy, Barnabas, Jasper REWARD  - TN A 27th victim NetPosse™ Missing Horse & Goats Alert, Civil NR005481 for “Stormy”, “Jasper”, & “Barnabas” Date of Incident: August 6, 2017 Last Known Location: Knoxville (Knox County), TN I posted an ad on to rehome, Stormy, my 9-year-old…

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NetPosse Report Missing Horses from South Carolina

NR005479 - MISSING EQUINES, Civil - Coneja, Maraca, Maddie Rizzo, Bon Bon REWARD  - SC A 28th victim NetPosse™ Missing Horses Alert, Civil NR005479 for “Coneja”, “Maraca”, “Maddie Rizzo”, “Bon Bon” Date of Incident: October 21, 2017 Last Known Location: Wagener (Aiken County), SC Fallon Blackwood, using the same story that has…

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NetPosse Report – Missing Equines from Georgia

NR005447 - MISSING EQUINES - Civil, Jersey, Red, Sadie, Fred, Fancy, Wrangler - GA A 17th victim (we will release the name just as soon as we can) NetPosse™ Missing Horses Alert, Civil NR005447 for “Jersey”, “Red”, “Sadie”, “Fred”, “Fancy”, & "Wrangler" Date of Incident: Feb-March 2014 Last Known Location: Dalton…

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NetPosse Report Missing Horse Indiana

NR005453 - SEARCHING FOR EQUINE- Amelia Bay NetPosse™ SEARCHING FOR EQUINE Alert for Amelia Bay "Amelia" - LaGrange (LaGrange County), IN: Rescue was negotiating to get Amelia Bay out of deplorable conditions. The owner gave us the amount needed. When the funds were raised we attempted to contact the owner who is now not responding to us and we…

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NR005440 - MISSING CIVIL HORSE Pat Bars Gold Freckle aka Blondie,  - AL NetPosse™ Missing Civil Alert for Blondie - Collinsville (Etowah County), AL: Date of Incident: November 12, 2013 Last Known Location: Collinsville, (Etowah County), AL Nov.12 2013 I gave Blondie to ****** ********* as she was going to breed her to her stallion to get cremellos..we…

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NetPosse Several Similar Missing Horse Reports

All information in this post has come from the Stolen Horse International Website.  Let's find the missing horses.  Everyone share and forward this information.  NetPosse has stated that they have several similar reports at this time.  They may all be connected.  If you know of anything or have another similar…

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NetPosse MISSING EQUINE Ramblers Sunshine Cadillac aka ‘Josie’, – AR

NR005345 - MISSING EQUINE Ramblers Sunshine Cadillac aka 'Josie',  - AR NetPosse™ Lost/Missing Equine, Report #NR005345 for Ramblers Sunshine Cadillac aka ‘Josie’ Date of Incident: September 29, 2017 Last Known Location: Bismarck (Hot springs County), AR For more details: Lost horse on Jack Mountain, still not found. On a trail, ride…

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NetPosse Report STOLEN EQUINE Independence aka “Indy”, – TN

NR005297 - STOLEN EQUINE Independence aka "Indy",  - TN 8/9/2017 7:39:00 PM We received word today that law enforcement is now handling the file as a stolen horse.  NetPosse™ Stolen Equine, NR005297 Independence aka “Indy” DOI: August 7, 2017: For more details: Last seen August 6th at 7:30 pm doing chores.…

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NetPosse Report MISSING EQUINE APP Flecha de la Estrella aka Fletch, – OR

NR005296 - MISSING EQUINE APP Flecha de la Estrella 'Fletch', $500.00 REWARD** see reward section for additional information - OR NetPosse™ Missing/Lost Equine, NR005296 Flecha de la Estrella aka “Fletch” DOI: August 2, 2017: For more details: Fletch is missing in the 3 Sisters Wilderness Area of US Forest Land near…

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NetPosse Report 4 Ponies, 2 Llama, and a mini Donkey (TEXAS)

NR005289 - MISSING EQUINE Sunny, Buttercup, Darlin, Flica, Booger, Cagney, Lacy - TX NetPosse™ Missing Equines, NR005289 for Sunny, Booger, Darlin, Buttercup, Flica, Cagney & Lacy DOI: July 1, 2017: For more details: Missing presumed stolen. Fence was cut. 4 ponies, 2 llama and a mini donkey taken from 1401cr 322 in…

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NetPosse Report Missing Presumed Stolen-SKIP – AR

NR005269 - STOLEN-SKIP - AR NetPosse™ Stolen Horse Alert for SKIP  - Harrison (Boone County), AR: Full Details: Click here: Skip a one-month-old foal was discovered missing 6/28/17. Searches have produced no signs of him anywhere on property or neighbors property. Locks on gates in the barn have been cut. Law Enforcement is involved. Please help find Skip by sharing…

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NetPosse Report Missing Miniature Black Stallion REWARD New York

NR005212 - MISSING EQUINE Butchie, $5000.00 REWARD  - NY SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: Please copy and paste to your social media. Do not change the information.  NetPosse™ Missing Presumed Stolen Horse, NR005212 for ‘Butchie’ aka ‘Brady’ - Monroe (Orange County), NY My miniature horse Butchie was stolen between 10 pm on…

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NetPosse Report MISSING EQUINE Babydoll, – GA

NR005205 - MISSING EQUINE Babydoll,  - GA NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for Babydoll - Canton (Cherokee County), GA: Two horses were being kept by a barn in exchange for using them for lesson horses as well as the use of equipment such as jumps, etc. Babydoll was pastured on a 40-acre lot, and upon frequent visitations she would…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert – Nevada

NR005162 - MISSING EQUINE Rock The Doctor (Rocksie) January 2017 - NV NetPosse™ Missing Equine Alert for Rock the Doctor aka “Rocksie” - Plasterville (El Dorado County), CA: Having to move, "Rocksie" and two other horses were to be placed in the care of someone whom I have a signed agreement with. The agreement states that in exchange for the…

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NetPosse MISSING EQUINE Firecracker Connie, Baby Bones – CA

NR005148 - MISSING EQUINE Firecracker Connie, Baby Bones - CA NetPosse™ Missing Horses Alert – Firecracker Connie and Baby Bones - Sacramento (Sacramento County), CA: In February 2014, horses were removed from the Cal-Expo by a potential buyer without payment while the owner was recovering from surgery. See pictures, full details, and…

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NetPosse Report 2 Missing Dogs and 1 Gelding Ohio

NR005138 - MISSING FARM DOG Enya, Luthien REWARD December 2016 - OH NetPosse™ Missing Farm Dogs Alert for Enya and Luthien - Bolivar (Tuscarawas County), OH: On December 12, 2016, Approximately 3 pm, Enya, and Luthien were put on the deck for a short deck for a short…

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NetPosse Report Missing Horse Report Oklahoma

NR005117 - MISSING EQUINE Charm (Recovered 11/26/16), Cali (Recovered 11/29/16) Bucky Still Missing - OK NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for "Cali, "Bucky" and "Charm" - Tulsa (Tulsa County), OK: Cali, Bucky, and Charm discovered missing from their pastures. Owner States: When I went to feed saw they were missing, started looking around saw that lead ropes were also missing. All had halters…

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NetPosse Report Searching for Horse $2000 Reward California

NR005067 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Venus Encore, $2000.00 REWARD  - CA NetPosse™ - Searching For Horse Alert - Last Possible Location - North Dakota, Venus is a 10-year-old Black Shire Mare that was in the process of being adopted by Anthony. The manager sent her to a carriage company without processing the adoption paperwork. Please help find…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Texas Reward

NR004904 - MISSING EQUINE Drifter, $100.00 REWARD  - TX Stolen Horse International Missing Horse Alert - Humble, TX - Drifter a.k.a. Twilight Sparkle a14 year old Arab cross bay mare. Please click on the link for more information She has washed down Cypress Creek Bayou during the Historic floods. She may…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Tennessee

NR005054 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Tucker,  - TN™ SEARCHING FOR HORSE - Tucker aka "Tuck"- 5-year-old Sorrel Tennessee Walker Gelding. Last Known Location: Tennessee - This horse was supposed to have been sold at an auction in TN -possibly Knoxville, sometime late August. For full details on Tuck's Alert, please visit his webpage at…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Georgia

NR005031 - MISSING EQUINE KC,  - GA NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for KC- Suches (Union County) GA - Last Known Location: Blairesville, GA 9 year old Chestnut/White Paint Gelding. KC was taken from his temporary pasture where he was being kept during a barn renovation. See pictures, full details, contact info and KC's flyer that we ask you…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert South Carolina

NR005040 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Dillon,  - SC™ SEARCHING FOR HORSE - Dillon- 12 year old Black/White Spotted Saddle Gelding. Last Known Location: South Congaree (Lexington County), SC - Previous owner has lost track of him as he has been moved without her knowledge. It had been agreed upon that she would be informed…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Florida (Reward)

NR005035 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Prince Charming, REWARD  - FL™ SEARCHING FOR HORSE - Prince Charming- 8 year old Black Tennessee Walking Horse/Fresian Gelding. Last Known Location: Dade City (Pasco County), FL - Prince Charming aka Memphis aka Prince was adopted out but the adopted owner passed away in December 2015. He was supposed to…

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NetPosse Report Missing Horse Alert New York Reward

NR002702 - MISSING EQUINE Bo, $1000.00 REWARD  - NY NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for BO - Bronx, NY- 18-year-old Bay/White & Black Paint TOBIANO. BoBo was adopted out to a lady residing in Ozone Park, NY in Sept 2012. The contract stated moving Bo required notification to former owners (the rescue). Surprise…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Oregon

NR004933 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE LY FARCEUR GOLDMISTAURORA aka Shining,  - OR COLD CASE ALERT: NetPosse™ Searching for LY FARCEUR GOLDMISTAURORA aka “Shining”, Report #NR004933 Date of Incident: June 3, 2016 Last Known Location: Spring Creek, Nevada, could be anywhere! PALOMINO MORGAN MARE -Contact has been lost with the last known owner. Shining could…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert South Dakota

Find My Horses Presents: NetPosse Missing Horse Alert South Dakota NR005008 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Docs Parr Jack - SD NetPosse SEARCHING FOR HORSE ALERT-  Newell (SD County), SD- 14-year-old Bay Quarter Horse Gelding. Docs Parr Jack was sold sometime between July 20th, 2015 & Feb 2016 while the owner was away at basic training.…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert North Dakota

Find My Horses Presents: NetPosse Missing Horse Alert North Dakota NR004991 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Rebel, - ND NetPosse™ Searching for Horse Alert for REBEL - LAST KNOWN LOCATION WEST FARGO, ND - See pictures, full details for Rebel on his webpage: Click here:  20 Year Old Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding. Heather Wichern…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Indiana

NR004992 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Gabe/Ollie - IN NetPosse™ Searching for Horse Alert for GABE/OLLIE- LAST KNOWN LOCATION WHITE WATER, WISCONSIN or COLORADO - See pictures, full details for Gabe/Ollie on his webpage: Click here: 7 Year Old Grey/Brown POA Gelding. Julia Bultema thought she had sold Gabe/Ollie to his "Forever Home" but…

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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Massachusetts

NR002630 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Quintessence,  - MA NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Massachusetts NetPosse Searching For Horse Alert Westport, MA - Quintessence aka Tess or Tessie was sold without notifying the previous owner who had the first right of refusal. See pictures, full details, and contact information that we ask that you post everywhere…

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