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501c3 Rescue Listing Page

Find My Horses wants to help promote Rescues so that you may get your donations to help you rescue horses.  This service is FREE to any 501c3 rescue.  Due to people trying to get their unofficial rescue listed Find My Horses is requesting that you send in a copy of your 501c3 paperwork.  We only want to promote rescues that have honestly done the work to become ligament rescues.  We know that you have had to spend money and follow the rules to become a 501c3 rescue.

Please fill out this form to get onto our Rescue page.   We will work with you to get a listing created just for your rescue.

Rescues get the 1st place services for free.



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Does Find My Horses have permission to go to your website and Facebook pages to gather information for your listing.


Please email a copy of your 501c3 Equine Rescue Tax determination letter for our Records to

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