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Horse Saddle Shop offers a lifetime of equine experience to benefit you in your next saddle purchase. Dale was an example of wisdom gained in a person's senior years. He had been selling saddles in Northern Indiana since the early '80s, until his passing in 2013. He was a great help in gathering important information on our customer's horse and our customer's riding disciplines to recommend the saddle to suit each need.


Horse Saddle Shop makes it our goal to provide the best selection of saddles available - above any other store. We are constantly expanding the brands we carry as well as the different types of saddles. Our inventory is often greater than that of our saddle manufacturers. We have the thought that "if it is not good enough for us to buy then it is not good enough for us to sell." We are unlike other stores you find on the internet -  hundreds of saddles in stock!

Visit the store in Bremen, IN. We take great efforts to work efficiently so we can reduce prices and pass the savings on to our customers. If you find a saddle cheaper (and in stock) let us know, we are happy to work with our customers and provide the best buying experience available. We are unlike other stores in that we do not charge shipping and we have a very modest return policy. With a charge a 5% return fee.

If you are looking for a dependable family owned business with a reputation and desire to provide a well-fitting quality saddle at a low price, then look no further than

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View all of our Big Horn saddles at

16inch Big Horn Flex Trail Saddle 1655 - $1,253.00

14inch to 17inch Big Horn Black Cordura Saddle 599 600 601 602 603 604 - $427.00

16inch 17inch Big Horn Cordura Suede Seat Trail Saddle 167 267 - $690.00

View all of our Billy Cook saddles at

16inch Billy Cook Trail Saddle 1784 - $1,882.50


16inch Billy Cook Pleasure Reiner Show Saddle 3299 - $1,970.00

14inch to 16inch Billy Cook Barrel Saddle 1524 - $1,530.00


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