Horse Products and Services Directory

Horse Products and Services Directory

If you own a horse, then you need Horse Products and Services for your horses. Regardless if they are backyard pets, show horses, trail horses, or whatever type of job they have you will need horse services like Farriers, Vets, and Hay.   I've seen people ask on different horse groups where is the best place to buy this....  or the best place to buy that... Sometimes they can find answers and sometimes they can not.

Find My Horses wants to be an encyclopedia and directory of all things horses.  We want people to be able to come to this site and FIND what service they need near their location.  Check out the categories on the right and look for the service you need.

Services are also listed on the Find My Horses Facebook Page.
Once with Free listings.  Monthly with First Place listings.  Weekly with Reserve or Champion Listings.




Featured Listings


Your listing can be on this page for an additional $10 per month.




Disaster Help

Emergency Situations can happen anytime due to a Natural Disaster like a tornado, fire, earthquake, hurricane, or flood. Find My Horses has created a go to page to help you find help if you are in need of help.

Trail Riding

Do you like to Trail Ride? Find My Horses is compiling a list of places to go Trail riding at. Some places you take your own horse and some you can rent horses.


Find Horse Events, Clinics, Show, and meetings near you.


Everyone needs farriers, vets, hay, tack & equipment along with other services. Check out all the services local to your area.

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