Horse Show Clothing For Sale

Find My Horses Presents: Horse Show Clothing For Sale

Rent this spot for $25 per month

Do you have show clothing for sale?  Do you make Show Clothing?  Show clothing can be New or Used.  Find My Horses is looking for stores or individual people to list their show clothing for others to buy.  Let Find My Horses promote your items for you, so you have more time to do the things that you love to do.


  1. Business Listings
  2. Used Show Clothing Listings

If you sell New Show Clothing promote your business and direct customers to your website for purchasing.

If you sell Used Show Clothing, you may list your items list your items for sale.

Need a Storefront to sell your New or Used Show Clothing?  Find My Horses will create you a storefront and help you sell your show clothes today.

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List your Horse Show Clothing with Find My Horses

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What Discipline are these clothes for?

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Please give as much information on your show clothing as possible. What sizes, are there any wear marks or tears, the cleaning instructions.

Photos of your items. Please send additional photos to

Feel free to email additional photos or videos of your new or used clothing to

I agree that if 3 or more people give bad reviews my information and items will be removed and I will not get any refunds.

I want to sell my products in the following Format:

Choose your listing option for your Business.

FREE1st Place ($25 for one year)Reserve ($10 per month)Championship ($100 per year)

If you are selling Used Show Clothing then choose your listing option here.

Participation ($5 for 6 months)Best in Show ($25 for 6 months)

Find My Horses will contact you shortly to start your proof.

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please email us at to ask about your submission.

The Listing Process

  1. Fill out the form above
  2. A proof will be created for you to approve
  3. Let us know of any changes that need to be made
  4. Once you approve the final proof an invoice for payment will be sent to you
  5. You have 7 days to pay
  6. Once you pay your listing will go live, and final links will be sent to you


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