Web Services for Horse Owners

Find My Horses is now offering a limited number of Web Services for Horse Owners.  I am doing this because I see so many farm websites that are just not getting traffic that they need due to the FREE hosting that they are on.  Free hosting is not free.  It actually costs more to you in lost sales than a paid hosting plan.   With Facebook's Policy of No Animal Sales, it is now better than ever to get your site active for people to find your horses for sale.

Web Services for Horse Owners

Find My Horses will now create websites and storefronts for Horse Farms and Horse Businesses.  We will also help you keep your website updated and maintained to prevent malware and unsafe issues.

Sites that have been built by Find My Horses

Look through the sites that have been constructed to draw inspiration for what you are looking for.  Contact us to start building a site for you today.  We also upgrade your existing site if needed.


Find My Horses has used Ipower and TemplateMonster to build this website.   I  recommend these products and services to anyone because the Customer Service of both of these companies are amazing.  I have been using Ipower for many years with many websites over the years.

SE Ranking is a service that we use to help with keyword searches for our website.  There is a free option.  Why not sign up and try it today.


If you want to build a site on your own and need a hosting plan or a template then please follow the links to sign up for Ipower or buy a template at TemplateMonster.  I am offering Web Services for Horse Owners because I know it can be tricky and many people overcharge for simple services.


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