Half/Partbred Welsh Ponies for Sale

This page is dedicated to Half/Partbred Welsh ponies for sale in the United States.  Each horse is listed here with their name and the location of the horse.  If you click on the name of the horse, it will take you to that horses' information to learn more about the horse for sale.

Find My Horses also includes necessary information about the Half/Partbred Welsh ponies Breed Characteristics and links to the breed registries on this page so you can be as informed as possible when making your purchase.

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Half/Partbred Welsh ponies

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Half/Partbred Welsh ponies can get papers with the national office if one parent is purebred and is registered with the agency. Welsh Ponies are crossed with many different breeds to bring out the best of both. Many popular crosses are with Thoroughbred, Arabian, Quarter Horse, Morgan, to name just a few.

A Partbred Welsh may also be registered with the national office if one parent is a registered 1/2 Welsh. This means the Partbred Welsh is at least 1/4 Welsh breeding. There are many Partbreds out in the hunter/jumper world, and if they are registered with the national office and shown under their registered name, they are eligible to earn year-end awards for points earned in the open shows. This also applies to both purebreds and the 1/2 Welsh.  The year-end awards are not just for the hunter/jumper circuits. These awards can be earned in all types of classes, halter, western, english, driving, dressage, they all will count.

Height:  There are no height restrictions on a Half/Partbred Welsh in either minimal or maximal height.
Color: All colors are accepted.

Half/Partbred Welsh Registry

Welsh Pony & Cob Society


Half/Partbred Welsh Ponies for Sale

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