How Important is Equine Dental Care

Find My Horses Presents: Equine Dental Care Needs

Routine Dental Care is very important in all Equines.  It can effect more than just their weight if their teeth are in the need of being floated.

Here are a few equine dental facts:

  •  A horse can have up to 44 teeth — compared to just 32 in humans.
  • Horses’ teeth, unlike humans, grow consistently, with the outer side of the upper arcade and the inside of the lower arcade growing more rapidly, which can affect the ability of a horse to prehend and chew feed without losing feed out of the mouth.

  • Over time, horses’ teeth develop sharp “points,” which can result in lesions that can actually result in infections in the oral cavity.

  • Horses’ teeth are not white — due to the pigmentation of the plant life they eat, it’s normal for equine teeth to be cream-colored with darker streaks.

  • Your horse’s gums, on the other hand, should be pink. Redness and inflammation at the base of the horse’s teeth may indicate infection or some other condition.

  • Signs of a horse experiencing dental problems include drooling, chewing on only one side, choke, trouble taking the bit, weight loss, unthrifty appearance and odor coming out of the oral cavity.

It is always best to do a Dental check each year with your vet.  It can be the same time you get your horse's yearly shots and Coggins.

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