How to Back a Horse Trailer

Do you have trouble backing a trailer? Do you get confused about turning left or right? Have you jack-knifed your trailer? This video on How to Back a Horse Trailer will help you get the hang of it.

I saw this great video and wanted to share  This video gives good information on how to learn how to back your horse trailer safely. (or any trailer)



Tips to remember:

  • Go slowly and pay attention to the back of the horse trailer and the front of the truck.  Make sure you don't hit something with the front of the truck because you are so focused on where the back of the trailer is going.
  • Go Slowly and don't turn too sharply.  This will jackknife the trailer and the truck and can put a dent into the trailer.
  • To back a trailer to the left you will be turning your truck to the right.  This actually is turning the steering wheel to the left.  So left = left and right = right.


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