Hypoallergenic Horses

Bashkir Curlie

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Do you love horses but are allergic to them?  Have you heard about Hypoallergenic Horses?  The Bashkir Curly breed of horse is just for you.  Most people that are allergic to horses can be around the Bashkir Curly horse without any issues or with only mild but controllable effects.

Curly Breeders indicates that there is a protein that is missing from the hair of Bashkir Curly horses which may be what causes the allergic reactions to horses in allergy sufferers.



We would love to add your testimonial of your experience with the Bashkir Curly.  Do you have a Curley horse that you would like to add to this gallery?  Please send the photo with a note to us at DaNel@FindMyHorses.com, and we will add the photo to this page.


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