Important Message Bear Spotted in Manchester Tennessee

Find My Horses Presents: Important Message Bear Spotted in Manchester Tennessee

Important Message Bear Spotted in Manchester Tennessee

If you are out riding your horses in the Manchester Tennessee area, please be careful.

Brian Mosely

There’s a bear in woods in the immediate, and officials are warning folks to keep their distance if they see it.

Tim Hancock, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) officer for Coffee County, said Thursday morning that a bear was seen in the edge of Warren County on Monday and was not reported again until Wednesday when spotted near New Bushy Branch Road.

Hancock said he had also received a call from an individual who was traveling on Interstate 24 that spotted the bear between Exits 111-114.

“Later that evening, a call came in that it was spotted in the city limits of Manchester,” Hancock said.

The TWRA officer stressed that the public needs to know that bears are generally not aggressive but can be provoked. Hancock also noted that more bears had been spotted in our region of

Tennessee than previous years.

Do not approach

“This bear appears to be a half-grown bear that probably ran off from its mother, a natural occurrence,” he said.

The public also needs to know that it is illegal to kill, possess and harass any wildlife species and there is not a season on hunting bear in Coffee County, the TWRA official said.

“The bear will continue to migrate through the area,” Hancock said.

If spotted, please contact Coffee County Communications or TWRA Officer Tim Hancock through the Region 2 office at 800-624-7406.

Over 15 years ago, an adolescent black bear wandered into residential areas of Tullahoma, and officials were forced to destroy the animal since they had no access to a tranquilizer gun at the time.

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