Indiana Horse Rescue

Indiana Horse Rescue

Caring for horses that have been neglected & starved. Giving them the love & care they need to heal. Find homes across the nation.

Indiana Horse Rescue is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization dedicated in its mission to facilitate the Rescue and Rehabilitation of equine in need. Indiana Horse Rescue is not a Sanctuary in the sense that it is our belief that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to assess and relieve the suffering of an animal unable to live its life free from pain or whose quality of life is greatly diminished.

We further believe that we have a duty and responsibility to public safety to ensure any animal placed for adoption or foster is not an animal with the potential to harm human health. While these decisions are never easy, we alone bear the burden of having to make them. We do not take such decisions lightly. Our hearts and souls ache with the burden, but we also know there are many more in need waiting in the shadows, needing us to heed the call. We honor their lives and their loss by being there for the next call for another in need no matter the outcome to Our hearts and souls. Because it is far more than true that If “The Only Cost Were Love We Could Save Them All.”

Contact Information

Please send e-mail questions, comments, or suggestions to:
Please send mail to:
Indiana Horse Rescue
916 S Prairie Ave
Frankfort, IN 46041
Office Telephone:
765- 605-5790  (you may send Texts)
Indiana Horse Rescue is a wholly owned subsidiary of the
A 501(c)3 Public Charity, Tax ID 35-2135030

Our website is
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Our Wish List
For the Office
Surge Protector Outlet Strips
For the Medical Room
Paste Dewormers (QuestGel, QuestPlus)
For the Horses
Good Quality Grass Hay
Alfalfa Hay Cubes
ADM Mineral tubs
Salt & Mineral Blocks
Dollar General $1.00 sponges - great for bathing horses!
For the Farm
CV80 D Farm Fly Spray
Garden Tractor (We need at least 18 horsepower)
Don't have time to bring donated items to the Rescue?  Gift Certificates or Gift Cards to the following stores are always helpful when purchasing grain and supplies:
Tractor Supply
Rural King
Home Depot
Or you can also buy items online and have them shipped directly to our facilities.



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