Jackson Hole Horse Rescue

Jackson Hole Horse Rescue provides a safe and loving environment for horses that may be unwanted, neglected, abused, lame, or just old.

Jackson Hole Regional Horse Rescue began in the fall of 2008.  Jonesy’s old horse, Shadow, developed arthritis and could no longer climb the steep mountains. What do you do with an old friend who can no longer function as part of an outfitting team? Having him put down was just unthinkable. On the other hand, a horse is a very expensive pet. What do others in similar circumstances do? Horses need a safety net. People have “Old Folks Homes.” Why not horses?

We decided to create a safe and lovable environment for those old friends such as Shadow who need an “old horse’s home.” We started the 501(c)(3) charitable organization called Jackson Hole Regional Horse Rescue.

Contact Information

contact Jonesy directly JonesyJacksonHole@gmail.com

Website: http://jacksonholehorserescue.com/


Jackson Hole Horse Rescue
505 E. Zenith Dr.
Jackson, WY 83001
or call or text Jonesy at 307-887-3356



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