January 2018 Listing Special

Find My Horses Presents: January 2018 Listing Special

Now is the time to join the Find My Horses Family with our January 2018 Listing Special.

We are offering some new services for 2018 and for the month of January you can use these services for 1/2 price.

NEW Services for 2018

Used Tack and Show Clothing

You have mentioned it, and we have listened.  We have always had the options of people selling their used tack and show clothing on Find My Horses.  Many people have mentioned that the $25.00 listing fee for used tack and clothing was too much to spend.

Starting January 1st, 2018 you may list your used tack and clothing lots for only $5.00 for 6 months.  List one item or list a hundred items for one low fee.  All items must be used items to qualify for this option.  Choose to sell items individually or in lots.

  • $5.00 for each Lot for used Tack or Show Clothing
  • The only Catagories will be Used Tack or Used Show Clothing
  • FREE to mark your items sold
  • Items listed on Find My Horses Website
  • Items listed on Find My Horses Facebook Page

List your Show Clothing

List your Tack and Equipment

 Sell your Horse Products

Do you want a storefront to sell products online but don't have the first clue on how to code a website?  Choose to sell your Horse Products online here at Find My Horses for the low fee of $50.00 per year for up to 20 items.

We will set everything up and ask some questions to get it perfect for you.  You will be in charge of shipping everything to your customers.  All we will do is maintain the site for you.

Read all about how this process works.

  • $50.00 for one year of service
  • $5.00 for changes after the initial seven days
  • FREE to mark items sold
  • A custom webpage on Find My Horses
  • Business Listed on Find My Horses Facebook Page
  • Business promoted and bumped monthly into Facebook Groups
  • Business promoted if we see people asking for your services


Featured Images

Do you want to have your business listed as a featured image on our site?  For example, the primary photo on each category (horse for sale, or business category) can be rented for $25.00 per month.  Contact us and let us know what photo space you want to rent.


Website Design

Find My Horses will design a full website for you.  Fee's start at $200 and go up.  To read all about our Web Design Services, please read about it here.   These websites are 100% yours, and you will have total control of your website once it is built.

Please read our Disclaimer.

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