Miller Peninsula-Thompson Spit – Washington

Find out about the horse trails at Miller Peninsula-Thompson Spit - Washington.

Length: 5-mile loop

Elevation: 360 feet

A Discover Pass is required.

Explore a cool lush ravine that leads to a remote beach on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Walk along the shore under towering bluffs to a spit littered with drift logs and watched over by a battalion of eagles.

Take in clear views of Protection Island, a bird sanctuary at the mouth of Puget Sound, difficult to see from most other shoreline points. Welcome to the Miller Peninsula, destined to become Washington’s next grand state park.

Driving Directions

To get to Miller Peninsula-Thompson Spit - Washington trails coming from Sequim, drive southeast on Highway 101 for approximately 12 miles. Turn left on Diamond Point Rd, go about two miles, looking for a large, developed parking lot with facilities.

Miller Peninsula-Thompson Spit - Washington

Trail Information


The state is developing a destination state park on the Miller Peninsula property, and WTA volunteer crews have created a pretty trail to help you check out this area. This wooded walk enters a lush ravine lined with remnant old-growth and gives way to an isolated beach with views of Protection Island.

There are many miles of trails here -- whether you do a meandering route around the area or the more direct 4 miles to the water and back. Additionally, it's possible to create all sorts of loops as well.

Walk down the well-traveled road and bear right (off the graveled road) and through a second gate that reads "Washington State Parks." In just under a mile you will hit another junction of old roads, where you choose the one on the right and then almost immediately see another intersection where you go left.

You will then pass a few minor trails on your right, but shortly you will encounter a Y shaped fork in the path. Take the right fork. Enjoy this lush ravine as you wander half a mile to a beautiful and secluded beach. You can have a long lunch while taking in the sound of the surf.  Enjoy the views of Protection Island and even Mount Baker on a bright day.

Walking down the beach to the right leads you in a circle around a pond before reconnecting with the land. This is all the spit you get! Be respectful of the private property requests.

This is an excellent hike for dogs, but there is a lot of horse use on the last part of the trail.  So be sure to keep dogs on leash for the safety of the riders.


Washington State Parks has completed a trailhead with a parking lot, restrooms, and horse unloading facility.  It is about a mile down the Diamond Point Road from Highway 101. The map is posted at the trailhead and not anywhere along the trails. If you plan on visiting, be sure to bring it along.


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