NetPosse Alert Stolen Equine North Dakota

NetPosse Alert Stolen Equine North Dakota

NR004939 - MISSING EQUINE Wylie Like A Coyote - ND

NetPosse™ Stolen Horse Alert Menoken (Burleigh County) ND: Wylie Like A Coyote was sold without the owner's permission. She wants to find him and bring him home. Full descriptions, pictures, contact info, and updates are available here:  Wylie Like A Coyote: Bay Quarter Horse, 12 yr old gelding. READ AND SHARE.

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Incident Details

Incident Date:
Menoken (Burleigh County), ND, 58504, USA

I went out to my grandparent's farm to work with and see my horses. I couldn't find my horse anywhere. We went to neighbors, and they hadn't seen anything. My uncle finally called me back after countless phone calls. He told me that he had sent him off to training (and I believed him since he needed to go anyway). Little did I know that he sold them. He had me assuming that the "trainer" had stolen him and sold him after many months of me waiting for my horse to get back. He took my papers and said he was going to file a police report. I never heard anything back from my uncle on what the sheriff said, and he finally gave me my papers back after I repeatedly asked for them back over 1.5 years.

When I called the sheriff's department, and there had been nothing reported by my uncle. I filed a report soon after and the case is still under investigation. I have since found out; my uncle sold the horse to someone he had worked with at the time. That person has since then sold the horse.

Equine Name:
Wylie Like A Coyote
Quarter Horse
12 years
Current Age:
14 years
16.0 hands
0 lbs

All Markings
Face: Star
Leg Markings: Left Front Leg - None • Left Rear Leg - Coronet Band, Pastern •
Other Details: Left hind half pastern with partial white, Dark spot on left hind coronet • very small star on forehead
Calm but stubborn at times. An In-your-pocket kind of horse

American Quarter Horse Association


7/16/16 - Burleigh County Sheriff's Department notified™ that a report would be filed against the individual who sold Wiley Like A Coyote for Theft of property for depriving Jayden of her horse. They are also filing another report for dealing in the stolen property against the individual that purchased the horse and then resold him for selling the horse knowing that they were not to be sold because they did not belong to the person that sold them to him in the first place. They are also forwarding the report to the State's Attorneys' office as a criminal complaint to let them decide.

As a result, we have changed the type of report from Missing Equine to Stolen Equine.


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