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Find My Horses Presents: NetPosse Stolen Equine Alert

NR004939 MISSING EQUINE Wylie Like A Coyote – ND

NetPosse Alert Menoken (Burleigh County) ND: Wylie Like A Coyote was sold without the owners permission. She wants to find him and bring him home. Full descriptions, pictures, contact info, and updates are available here:

Wylie Like A Coyote: Bay Quarter Horse, 12 yr old gelding. READ AND SHARE.

7/16/16 – Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department notified™ that a report will be filed against the individual who sold Wiley Like A Coyote for Theft of property for depriving Jayden of her horse. They are also filing another report for dealing in stolen property against the individual that purchased the horse and then resold him for selling the horse knowing that they were not to be sold because they did not belong to the person that sold them to him in the first place. They are also forwarding the report to the State’s Attorneys’ office as a criminal complaint to let them decide.

As a result, we have changed the type of report from Missing Equine to Stolen Equine.

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