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Date of Incident: December 22, 2017
Last Known Location: Harrodsburg  (Mercer County), KY

A young girl responded to an ad looking to place my thoroughbred in a good home. The girl represented herself as a vet student. She signed a contract, however, when attempting to mail her a copy of the Coggins, the address came back as a bad address. Contacted her and she admitted she had given him away to another individual who in turn traded him to someone else that was taking him out west. If you have seen this horse or have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact us immediately!

There is a reward offered for Bird Man's return to Tiffany Zammit alive.

For more details on Bird Man, please click this link:

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Incident Details

Incident Date:
Harrodsburg (MERCER County), KY, 40330, USA
Placed an ad to find a home for a thoroughbred mare, received a call from a young girl needing a companion horse for her gelding. She came and looked at the mare and she seemed so nice I told her my gelding would be the better companion for her gelding. She gave a story that she was a vet student and rodeo barrel raced and her roommate moved out with her horse and her horse needed a companion.
Bird Man
7 years
15.1 hands
1100 lbs

All Markings
Face: Star, Stripe
Details: Star & Stripe connected
Leg Markings: Left Front Leg - None • Left Rear Leg - None • Right Front Leg - None • Right Rear Leg - None •
Other Details: None
Kind, calm friendly
Not Broken to Ride

The Jockey Club


This is an unusual situation in that we KNOW that all three of these ALERTS are due to the activity of a SINGLE individual. We suspect but do not know for sure at the present time, that this person has done this to other people. If you know of other victims, we stand ready to try to assist them in recovering their horses. Either has the owners contact us or send us their contact information. It MUST be the owner to file the report with us unless that person is underage. In that case, a parent or guardian is allowed to do the report.

Please be on the lookout for these horses. They may have been taken to sales or auctions. We are not certain of the exact means being used. Private sales are also an option. Look for that new horse in a pasture or stable that you don't recognize or that somebody has just recently acquired. These horses could be ANYWHERE-they could still be local or they could have been shipped to sales several states distant.

If you think you know where one of the might be, please let us know. If you can get photos, that would be wonderful. Please do not mention that you think there is a problem. Let us handle that part. Just send us the information and let us handle everything. It would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes horses will be moved or hidden if someone thinks they might be stolen and we certainly do not want that to happen.

Please share this email with your contacts. Every time it is shared, it will mean that many more people who are aware and looking for these horses. That is the first part of what we are asking you to do.

The second part is to click on each web page and read the details about each case. Download the flyer if there is one and share it in and around your work, where you shop, your barn, school, etc. Our flyers are our single BEST weapon in finding these horses. More horses are found using these flyers than any other way. We encourage their use.

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