NetPosse MISSING EQUINE $1100.00 REWARD – Alabama

NR005178 - MISSING EQUINE Doll $1100.00 REWARD  - AL

NetPosse™ Missing Presumed Stolen Horse Alert NR005178, Doll – Crane Hill (Cullman County), AL - Taken in North Alabama- Appendix Quarter Horse: Doll is a 28-year-old spirited speckled grey mare. Doll requires special feed because to keep her from losing weight too fast. left back leg was broken July 1st, 2016 and she should not be ridden yet. it still had a small scab on February 09, 2017 when she was taken from her pasture. See pictures, full details, and contact info for Doll that we ask you to post everywhere. Click here for the complete report details:

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Report Image - 9_10_5178Doll.jpg

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Crane Hill (Cullman County), AL, 35053, USA

Taken in North Alabama- Appendix Quarter Horse: Aged spirited speckled grey mare leads ties good rides fast, BIRTHMARK TWO HAIR SWIRLS BETWEEN EYES, white eyelashes, almost invisible white piebald blaze under white/grey face hair, grey muzzle, blonde mustache, Arabian type head, carries white tail out, tail stays stained by dirt when Doll lays down, black hoofs, left back front of hock has dark grey hair from old wound. about 15.2 hands tall about 1100 lbs they may have roached or shaved her mane, it gets cuckle burrs and wind tangles easy, mane grows on right side of neck, large dark eyes, speckled light grey when cool and gets dapple grey areas when hot, sweats easy because of age, VERY LOUD NICKER AND WHINNEY, herd bound, needs special feed all grain two times each day all you can eat quality hay free choice mineral blocks and water or loses weight very fast, needs dewormed every 2-3 months, hoofs filed every 6 weeks, left back leg was broken July 1st 2016 and she should not be ridden yet. it still had a small scab on February 09, 2017 when she was taken from her pasture.

Quarter Horse Appendix - Quarter Horse
28 years
Current Age:
29 years
15.0 hands
1100 lbs

All Markings
PID Details: birthmark double hair swirl between eyes
Face: Bald
Details: White or Grey Face with hint of a piebald face not on nose between forehead and nose grey muzzle white eyelashes
Other Details: Left Rear Leg front of hock dark grey hair old wound

Appendix Quarter Horse


On February 27, 2017, reported that Capt. Tim McKoy and the Cullman County Animal Control Office (CCAC) are looking for a horse that is missing and presumed stolen from the Crane Hill/Guthery's Crossroads area.

On Feb. 9, Terry Turney reported a female horse named "Doll" stolen from her pasture on County Road 222.  The incident took place one week after a 7-year old horse was shot and killed by an unknown perpetrator in the same pasture on Feb. 2.

In a Facebook post, Turney described her horse, "She has got white winter coat and a bad scar on her left rear knee... She is 28 years old and her name is Doll... She sweet and genial.. Please don't hurt her she won't hurt you."

Anyone who sees the horse or who may have relevant information is asked to contact CCAC at 256-734-5448, or the Cullman County Sheriff's Office at 256-734-0342.

For more information on Doll's report, please click here:

To read the entire story, please click here:

Reference: February 27, 2017,


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