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Find My Horses Presents: NetPosse - Found Horse

Candy has been located! She is safe and sound. Although Candy has not been returned, they do know where she is located, and she is being cared for. Unfortunately, JayaMae is an innocent third party who was loving, caring for and paying for the expenses to care for the pony and simply got put in a situation of one person believing they own Candy and another one believing they own her. The sheriff's office is treating this as a civil matter at this time. Ownership of the horse will have to be determined by the court system.

A lesson to take from this situation, when you purchase a horse or are given a horse always have a written contract and be sure to transfer the registration paper to show who the present owner is.

NR004972 - FOUND EQUINE Candy - CA

NetPosse Missing Horse Alert for Candy - 27-year-old Bay Quarter Pony Mare last seen in her Butte County paddock on Sunday morning. See pictures, full details, contact info and Candy's flyer that we ask you to print and post everywhere. The flyer can be found on Candy's webpage: Click here: All horses accounted for except Candy. Has been reported as theft to Butte County Sheriff Department, however, due to our background check we are unsure if this is a theft or a civil matter. We are currently treating this as a Missing Horse Alert until further information can be confirmed.  Please help JayaMae Gregory find Candy by sharing this information with your friends, social media groups, etc.


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