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NetPosse Missing Horse Alert CASCADE (VALLEY COUNTY), ID -  BUDDY- 13 year old Grey/White Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding last seen in on July 11, 2016. See pictures, full details, contact info and Buddy's flyer that we ask you to print and post everywhere. The flyer can be found on Buddy's webpage: Click here:  Buddy has helped Mark recover from a total hip replacement surgery. When he bought Buddy, they chose his name because he would be Mark's buddy. Please help Mark & Noralyn find Buddy by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

8/15/16 - Update from Noralyn: Buddy's been spotted....Praise God....Now to get him. He's on top of a mountain wandering around. Hikers stumbled upon him totally by accident. Had no way to take him home so they left him there. Mark left for Deadwood Summit in the mtns. 4 hours drive just to summit before he can hike in...

We will keep you posted on his recovery!

8/16/16 - Update from Noralyn: HALLELUJAH......BUDDY WAS FOUND...Tom Carter looked at my maps that I sent, one was a screenshot from the Hiker and one was mine from that area and he knew exactly where Buddy was.
Mark got there at 5pm and they saddled up and took off. They called Dawn and she is bringing trailer up to pick them up. I don't know what shape Buddy's in but from the photos Sunday he looked pretty good...Thank you Jesus......

8/17/16 - According to Noralyn Hansen: “The whole story is fantastic….the hiker, Eric Allen, originally was going to take his daughter hiking up the Sawtooths but because of the Pioneer Fire in Lowman and the road closures they decided last minute to come up to Deadwood. I don’t know how they come to climb that particular mountain, but Buddy was standing right at the top and greeted them. You can imagine their surprise, here was a horse out in the middle of nowhere….They provided us with a screenshot of their GPS position on their cell phone and that’s what led us to find Buddy….they flew the very next day to the University of NC to register for college….wow Devine Intervention…..” 

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