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It has been a long 6 years and 8 months since Holly went missing, but she is safely back home with her family and very happy!

Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka's Auction Watch Group came across a posting in a Kill Pen in Texas. Immediately sent the information to Holly's owner. Holly was bailed from the Kill Pen and sent to quarantine at one of the rescues in Texas. Thankfully with the help of many individuals, Holly is safe and sound! We couldn't be more excited for Holly and her family! Just look at that pic of her once she got home after the long 1000 mile journey!

Congratulations Holly Lula Buns & Melissa Grace Largent! We can't wait to see how she progresses with time!!

NetPosse SEARCHING FOR HORSE ALERT-  Pittsville (Wicomico County), MD- HOLLY LULA BUNS- 8 year old POA Bay Mare - last known to be a with a trainer. Holly's original owner learned late last year that Holly was taken through New Holland PA auction (date unknown). Please share his report everywhere. Click here: They want to find Holly and if possible, would like to purchase her back. If Holly is happy in her current home, they want to know where she is.



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