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NetPosse™ Missing Horses Alert for Honey & Big Guy - Toddville (Dorchester County), MD- A neighbor was caring for the horses while theresalaina was out of town caring for her ill father. Someone took the horses from the property and claimed that the owner of the farm gave them to him. however the owner of the farm did not have permission to do this. See pictures, full details, contact info and Honey & Big Guy's flyer that we ask you to print and post everywhere. The flyer can be found on Honey & Big Guy's webpage: Click here: Please help find Honey & Big Guy by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

Toddville (Dorchester County), MD, 21672, USA

My neighbor was taking care of my horses while I was out of town caring for my Father who had had a stroke. I received a call from a man who said that he had my horses and that the owner of the farm had given him my horses. He said the mare was emaciated and he would not release her for my ill treatment of her. I stated that that was impossible, my horses were with my neighbor while I am out of town because my father had a stroke. I said I left them with her because she asked me to to help her get over the loss of her own horse and that would help me until I had my dad situated. I told him that I have credit card statements for buying their feed and hay every week and that I have been in contact with the girl every week and she told me my horses were doing great. He claimed at one point in conversing with him that he turned them over to animal control and also told me I will never get my horses back. I have been in touch with law enforcement and they stated the owner of the farm would have to tell them that they gave my horses to the man and stated that as far as they are concerned this is a civil case. I also contacted animal control and there is no report from them about my horses. I seriously need your help to get my horses back. These aren't just horses, they are family. I trusted my neighbor and never for a minute thought they would be mistreated. Please help me locate them. I have informed my vet that this man stole my horses and was accusing me of abusing them. They said they can verify their good health prior to being left at the farm. Please help me find my horses.


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