NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Massachusetts

NR002630 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Quintessence,  - MA

NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Massachusetts

NetPosse Searching For Horse Alert Westport, MA - Quintessence aka Tess or Tessie was sold without notifying the previous owner who had the first right of refusal. See pictures, full details, and contact information that we ask that you post everywhere on Tess' webpage: Click here:

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Incident Details

Incident Date:
Westport (Bristol County), MA, 02790, USA

This horse was sold without notifying me. I had first right of refusal on her, and I absolutely would have taken her back. I went to the barn on Beeden Rd. in Westport, MA to visit her, and was informed by the property owners (who her owner was renting the barn from) that Tess had been sold several months prior. She is estimated to have been sold the end of summer in 2011. The owner will give me absolutely no honest answers on the person who purchased her.

The property owner stated she was sold to "some man in Western MA who lives in a residential area. He paid about $900 for her." The number of lies I have been told by Tess's owner's family members are extensive. I have located the new owners of the man's other two equines, and both told me Tess was already gone from the property before they purchased their equines.


Tess or Tessie
22 years
Current Age:
24 years
16.0 hands
1000 lbs

All Markings
Face: Star, Snip, Other
Details: White comma-shaped star, off-centered snip connected to left nostril that extends onto lips (not fully visible in all seasons; varies from bright white to faded, to nearly invisible), lips sometimes have white "milk mustache" type marking on them
Leg Markings: Left Front Leg - Coronet Band • Left Rear Leg - Pastern • Right Front Leg - Pastern • Right Rear Leg - None •
Other Details: Front Left: coronet marking extends inside slightly to pastern, Front Right: pastern marking extends up back to fetlock • May have several visible old scars on loins, thighs, and croup. Front right hoof is 3/4 black; other hooves are spotted with black.
Does not generally like men or having her face touched. Sensitive to kicking and crop use. Responds well to vocal cues. Very sweet when bonded with one person.
Ridden English, Jumping, Ridden Western, Trail Riding: Recreational


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