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NetPosse™ Searching for Horse Alert for REBEL - LAST KNOWN LOCATION WEST FARGO, ND - See pictures, full details for Rebel on his webpage: Click here: 

20 Year Old Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding. Heather Wichern is trying to find her dad's old horse Rebel. He was court ordered to sell him when her parents divorced. Recently her dad was diagnosed with cancer. Heather's goal is to find his horse and reunite them. Please help Heather Wichern find Rebel by sharing this information with your friends, social media groups, etc.

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Incident Details

Incident Date:
West Fargo (Cass County), ND, 58078, USA

Just to start, Rebel is NOT STOLEN. I have had a lot of people thinking he is. There has been no fault of anyone; it is all legal. It begins in Minnesota; my dad was court ordered to sell his horse Rebel. My dad brought him to the sale in Perham, Minnesota; he was sold November 16th, 2007, a gal from Fergus Falls purchased him. She had him for quite some time; there was a point where she had to sell him, She sold him to a friend that lived in near the Kindred, North Dakota area, he used him on his ranch. I contacted this guy, and he said he also sold him, this time he was sold at Central Livestock in West Fargo, North Dakota, the date was April 26th, 2013. Central Livestock had their spring horse sale that day. From that point, I do not know who bought him or where he went.

This is where my trail goes cold. I have also started a Facebook page for Rebel. The name of it is-Searching For Rebel The Horse. Please feel free to join my Facebook page; I had stories on there from our local news stations, lots of pictures and info. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Quarter Horse
20 years
15.0 hands
1100 lbs

All Markings
Leg Markings: Left Front Leg - None • Left Rear Leg - Sock • Right Front Leg - None • Right Rear Leg - None •
Other Details: His left rear, the white on the outside of the leg is about a half pastern but on the inside is up higher more it goes up by the fetlock. • Has a scar on his chest from another horse, had 350 stitches. Scar above left front knee. May not see scars unless looking in the hair. They are old scars. His back left leg with the sock had a tan hoof, but it had a vertical black stripe, not sure if that would change over the years. Can be seen in photos.
Mellow, good with other horses
All-Around, Kid-Safe Family Horse, Parades, Ranch Work, Trail Riding: Recreational

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