NetPosse – Found –™ MISSING EQUINE ALERT - Spirit Song - 12 year old Appaloosa Gelding - White/brown ears with white tips, colored knees and hock. Last Known Location: Cache, OK - Spirit is missing after being out on a contract. For full details on Spirit Song's Alert, please visit his webpage at:

Please share Spirit's information far and wide to help Patti Longworth find Spirit by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc. Patti wants to know that Spirit is okay and is being taken care of.  Patti would like to visit him and see how he is doing.

UPDATE - SPIRIT SONG has been found. He was sold a couple of times in the past year and is now with a family that loves him and he is well cared for. The current owners have spoken with Patti and they do not want to sell Spirit Song at this time. If they do decide to sell him in the future, they did agree to call Patti so she could have the option of purchasing him back. At this point, NetPosse will close our report since Spirit Song has been located. We have received updated photos of him as well. We are glad that the parties involved have been able to speak to each other and will hopefully keep in touch regarding Spirit Song.


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